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About Us

At Lightroom Presets Shop, we have always had an extreme passion for photography. Lightroom Presets Shop is our idea of the perfect creation for digital products for photographers. We aim to deliver items that will improve your photography and cut down on your time spent in post-production and help you to make more money.

We are fully equipped for your business to succeed with our unparalleled best Lightroom Presets, best Mobile Presets, best Photoshop Actions, and best Photoshop Overlays! We’ve been creating for the photography community for over 7 years, and serving photographers in over 100+ countries around the world, all because they trusted us with their photos. We’re really thankful for the opportunity to work with you around the world.

We know that your time is valuable and that’s why we’re here to help you out! When our families are at home, we want you to be able to spend some quality time with them, instead of sitting Infront of the computer and editing photos. We have created these collections with the busy and professional photographer in mind, and are assured they will definitely help you speed your workflow dramatically.

We are pleased to offer you our Lightroom Presets which are designed to be used for Magazine / Editorial photography & are also picture-perfect for advertising and general portraits. It will enhance the stylized look of the photos and bringing them to life and adding that elegant feel to your photos.

Our main goal is to serve the growing community of new and skilled photographers who are looking at creating beautiful, unique images, in their own signature style. If you are looking for something that we’re not meeting, please let us know. Your involvement will help us to develop future products!

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